CORRECTION: System for Student Self-Reporting Not Being Delayed

August 27, 2010 — The University of Virginia is testing the new system that will require students to respond as to whether they have been arrested or convicted since becoming a U.Va. student.

The system will launch Monday. It has not been delayed by a "technical glitch," as reported by Charlottesville television station NBC 29.

All students ¬– undergraduate and graduate – regardless of whether they have already logged on to or forwarded their e-mail will receive the prompt to respond to questions.

They will have about a week to complete the form before they will be blocked from Netbadge, the University's firewalled communication system. At that point, they will receive a reminder that they must fill out the form and that their access to Netbadge will be blocked until they have done so.

If the form isn't completed by the due date, students will be blocked from sending or receiving e-mail, Collab (which faculty use for class materials), and other services protected by Netbadge.