Deadline Nears for New ID Cards

Sept. 24, 2007 -- Students, faculty and staff who have not yet picked up their new University ID card must do so by Friday, Sept. 28. The old ID cards will be deactivated on Oct. 1.

At that time, individuals without the new card will not be able to access on-ground residence halls, attend athletic events, access the intramural facilities, use dining services for meal plans and plus$, and use the Cavalier Advantage, Arts$ and Film Festival accounts, according to Vicky Bradt of the Office of Business Operations.

To obtain the ID, you must present a state- or government-issued picture identification card (U.S. driver’s license, passport or U.S. military ID). In addition, old University ID cards will need to be returned when picking up the new ID cards but will not be considered a form of state- or government-issued identification.

The University ID Card Office is located in the lower level of Observatory Hill Dining Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

This information does not pertain to Health System ID cards/badges.  The Health System will re-issue ID cards/badges at a later date.

The new University ID cards began being issued to all members of the University community in August as part of U.Va.’s ongoing campaign to phase out the use of Social Security numbers for identifying students, faculty, staff, foundation and contracted employees.

The use of Social Security numbers will be systematically phased out, wherever possible, from the University’s central and departmental systems, including the ID card system.

A randomly assigned nine-digit number — the University ID number — will appear on the new University ID cards.

The University ID card and ID number has many uses. For faculty and staff, the card permits access to buildings and recreational facilities as well as library transactions. In addition, students also use the University ID card for meal plan privileges, Cavalier Advantage, Bookstore charges and access to athletic events. A complete list of uses can be found on the University ID Web site. This list will be expanding in the near future.

Many University business processes are being modified or evaluated for effective means to accommodate and/or communicate with the University ID number. “This will take time,” said James L. Hilton, vice president and chief information officer. “For example, the University ID number printed on the card cannot currently be used for academic transactions such as school forms, grades, course transactions, and major declarations. We are asking everyone to follow current procedures until a transition can be effected.”

When you pick up your new University ID card, you will also receive a card containing your personal pass-phrase and instructions for updating your central electronic identity information. This updated information will help to reduce the need to use social security numbers in online systems in the future.

Information on this initiative can be obtained from the University ID Card Office Web site at, by calling the office at 434-924-4508, or by e-mailing uvaid@