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Fariss Samarrai

September 18, 2008
September 18, 2008 — Using new "lab on a chip" technology, James Landers hopes to create a hand-held device that may eventually allow physicians, crime scene investigators, pharmacists, even the general public, to quickly and inexpensively conduct DNA tests from almost anywhere, without need for a c
September 10, 2008
September 10, 2008 — In the late summer of 2003, Rob Kelly, a University of Virginia professor of materials science and engineering, was asked by former Engineering School dean Ed Starke to sit in on a meeting with the designers of a
August 29, 2008
Hurricane Effects on Coastal Areas
August 22, 2008
August 22, 2008 -- An international effort to understand the most basic structure of matter has yielded a particle that is critical to the eventual understanding of the universe and its evolution.
August 14, 2008
August 14, 2008 — Biologists at the University of Virginia have discovered a switching mechanism in the eye that plays a key role in regulating the sleep/wake cycles in mammals.
August 07, 2008
August 7, 2008 — The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak during the early morning hours of Aug. 12, possibly producing as many as 60 visible meteors per hour during the darkest hours of the night.
August 01, 2008
Aug. 1, 2008 — The International Space Station will make visible passes over central Virginia on the evenings of Aug.