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Fariss Samarrai

February 13, 2009
February 13, 2009 — Even within cells, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.
January 28, 2009
January 26, 2009 — There's probably just one thing that country singer Willie Nelson and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback have in common: a belief in the value of crop-based biofuels as a potential solution to our dependence on foreign oil, as an answer to global warming, and as the salvation of the Ame
January 22, 2009
January 22, 2009 — When Jeff O'Dell was a soldier in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, he wore standard-issue "body armor" that could stop a single armor-piercing bullet. But a second shot to the same area could kill.    
January 21, 2009
January 21, 2009 — Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Angela Belcher will give a public talk, "From Nature and Back Again … Giving New Life to Materials for Energy, Electronics, Medicine and the Environment," Friday at 2 p.m.
January 09, 2009
January 9, 2009 — Yale University professor Joan A. Steitz will give a public talk, "Beyond Bias and Barriers: A Report on a Report on Women in Science," Thursday, Jan. 15, at 4 p.m. at the auditorium of the Harrison Institute/Small Special Collections Library.
December 18, 2008
December 18, 2008 — Four University of Virginia professors have been named fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Election as a fellow is an honor bestowed upon AAAS members by their peers.
December 12, 2008
December 12, 2008 — Astronomy is a science of origins.
December 08, 2008
December 8, 2008 — You really can learn a lot from a dummy.
November 19, 2008
November 19, 2008 — The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched on Friday and docked Saturday evening with the International Space Station. This week, the spacecraft will make a spectacular sweep over Central Virginia, according to an astronomy professor at the University of Virginia.
November 18, 2008
Go to slideshow November 18, 2008 — Ellen Bass had a troubled student. He was smart, but he was doing poorly in her University of Virginia systems engineering class. He seemed unable to focus on his studies.