Fifty U.Va. Doctors Top in their Fields

October 26, 2006
Oct. 26, 2006 -- This year, the number of doctors from the University of Virginia Health System selected for inclusion in the annual guide America’s Top Doctors™ (sixth edition) totaled 50. Published annually by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., the book recognizes physicians who are considered among the top one percent in the nation in their medical specialties and sub-specialties.

To be selected for inclusion in the book, doctors must be nominated by their peer physicians. The nomination process involves tens of thousands of board-certified physicians across the nation, as well as presidents, vice presidents of medical affairs [or an equivalent position] and chiefs of service in eight medical specialties from more than 1,000 hospitals across the United States. These doctors receive letters inviting them to go online to a special website to enter nominations of other physicians whom they feel are clinically outstanding, on the national and regional level. The Castle Connolly research staff also conducts extensive interviews by telephone with leading physicians, specialists, chiefs of service and healthcare executives to strengthen the information-gathering processes.

The book is designed to help people find the most outstanding specialists to meet their medical needs, be they locally, regionally or nationally available.

The U.Va. doctors designated as America's Top Doctors by specialty in 2006 are:

·        Cardiac Electrophysiology - Dr. John DiMarco
·        Cardiology - Dr. George Beller
·        Colon and Rectal Surgery - Dr. Eugene Foley
·        Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism - Dr. Eugene Barrett, Dr. Alan Dalkin, Dr. John Marshall, Dr. Mary Lee Vance
·        Gastroenterology - Dr. Fabio Cominelli, Dr. James K. Roche
·        Geriatric Medicine - Dr. Diane Gail Snustad
·        Geriatric Psychiatry – Dr. Suzanne Holroyd
·        Gynecologic Oncology - Dr. Peyton T. Taylor, Jr.
·        Medical Oncology - Dr. William W. Grosh, Dr. Maureen Ross, Dr. Geoffrey Weiss, Dr. Michael Williams
·        Infectious Diseases - Dr. Richard Guerrant, Dr. Richard Pearson, Dr. Michael Frank Rein, Dr. William Michael Scheld
·        Internal Medicine - Dr. Eugene Charles Corbett, Jr.
·        Neonatal Perinatal Medicine - Dr. Robert John Boyle, Dr. John Kattwinkel
·        Nephrology - Dr. Warren Kline Bolton, Dr. Mark Okusa
·        Neurological Surgery - Dr. Edward Laws, Dr. Chris Shaffrey
·        Neurology - Dr. Elliott Clark Haley, Jr., Dr. George Frederick Wooten
·        Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr. Cato Laurencin
·        Otolaryngology - Dr. Paul Levine
·        Pathology – Dr. Stacey Mills
·        Pediatric Otolaryngology - Dr. Charles Gross, Dr. Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer
·        Pediatric Surgery - Dr. Bradley Rodgers
·        Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Dr. D. Casey Kerrigan; Dr. Paul Diamond
·        Plastic Surgery - Dr. Raymond Morgan
·        Pulmonary Disease - Dr. Steven Michael Koenig
·        Radiation Oncology - Dr. Tyvin Andrew Rich
·        Radiology - Dr. Michael D. Dake, Dr. Mary E. Jensen
·        Surgery - Dr. John B. Hanks, Dr. Bruce Schirmer
·        Thoracic Surgery - Dr. Thomas M. Daniel, Dr. David R. Jones, Dr. Irving L. Kron
·        Urology - Dr. Stuart S. Howards, Dr. William D. Steers
·        Vascular Surgery - Dr. Kenneth J. Cherry Jr.
Additionally, UVa has 19 physicians on faculty who made the listing for a sister publication earlier this year, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, second edition:
Dr. Reid Adams
Surgical Oncology
Dr. Thomas M. Daniel
Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Eugene F. Foley    
General Surgery
Dr. William W. Grosh                    
Dr. John B. Hanks                         
General Surgery
Dr. James Larner
Radiation Oncology
Dr. Edward R. Laws, Jr.                
Neurological Surgery
Dr. Paul A. Levine             
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Dr. Stacey E. Mills            
Dr. Tyvin Andrew Rich
Radiation Oncology
Dr. Maureen Ross
Dr. David Schiff                             
Dr. Mark E Shaffrey
Neurological Surgery
Dr. Craig Slingluff
Surgical Oncology
Dr. Peyton T. Taylor, Jr.    
Gynecologic Oncology
Dr. Daniel Theodorescu
Dr. Mary Lee Vance         
Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr. Geoffrey R. Weiss                   
Dr. Michael Williams