First-Year Class is Largest, Most Diverse In UVA History

Students at tables signing the honor pledge

The University of Virginia this week welcomed approximately 3,840 first-year students to Grounds. It’s the largest and most diverse first-year class in UVA history.

The Class of 2022 speaks to the University’s commitment to making an affordable, world-class education available to high-achieving students from all walks of life.

“The Class of 2022 is remarkable,” Dean of Undergraduate Admission Gregory Roberts said. “Academically, they are as accomplished as any class in University history, but what impressed us the most was an almost universal individual commitment by each student to make the lives of those around them better.

“Even though they arrive from different backgrounds and neighborhoods, and come with different plans and ideas, they seem united in their interest in community engagement, social justice and the common good. We couldn’t be prouder of this inspiring class of students.”  

For a more in-depth look at the new ’Hoos, check out the graphics below.


text reads: Inside the Class of 2022

Inside the Class of 2022

text reads: 3837 first-year students 56% female 65% virginias

3,837 first-year students

Text reads: Mean SAT Score 1397 up from 1387 in 2017

Mean SAT Score 1397

text reads: 1310 minority students up by 35% since 2013 and 352 African American Students* up by 34% since 2013

1,310 minority students, 352 African American students

text reads: First Generation students 424 up by 77  students in 2013

424 First Generation Students

*Includes students identifying as multi-race/African-American.

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