Governor Gives the Gift of Extra Time Off

December 19, 2008 — Gov. Tim Kaine announced today that he was giving state employees an additional eight hours off, split evenly between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Because the University of Virginia already designated both days as holidays, Human Resources will award the extra hours as compensatory time, above and beyond the compensatory time already scheduled to be added to leave balances.

The extra time will appear on leave balances as awarded on the following days:

Date Credited to Leave Balances Hours Credited
Wednesday, Dec. 24   8 hours (up from 4)
Wednesday, Dec. 31   4 hours



This additional holiday time will be credited to classified staff, University staff and research assistants as compensatory special leave balances and must be used within 12 months of the dates credited.

For 12-month faculty, the hours of leave should be worked out with individual managers. Refer to the provost's policy on leave for information.

Hours for part-time qualifying employees will be prorated.

The full 2009 holiday calendar is online.

Questions about these holidays should be directed to the UHR Leave Center by phone at 924-1426 or 924-4404, or by e-mail at