Growden: Team Player at Work, Coach on the Soccer Field

June 1, 2010 — As an interventional radiology technologist at the University of Virginia Medical Center, Bob Growden is the go-to guy for ensuring that the radiology department is safe for patients and staff alike.

Off Grounds, Growden is the go-to guy for a team of youth soccer players, just wrapping up his fifth year of coaching.

In the Medical Center, he scores big points among his radiology colleagues, taking care of potential safety hazards, reaching out to other departments and eagerly supporting co-workers in a pinch.

"He is a true team player," wrote one of his colleagues, nominating him for a Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contribution Award.

During his 16-plus years on the U.Va. staff, Growden has been voted Instructor of the Year twice by students in the year-long Interventional Technologist Training Program.

He has served as a representative on the Radiology Safety Committee since 2005, participating in many improvement projects, including a reference for handling isolation patients appropriately.

He's earned a reputation as someone who always comes through when you need him, wrote his colleagues.