If It Rains, Here's Where to Find Out About Changes for Finals Weekend

May 14, 2009 — If it rains on the University of Virginia's parade – or procession – this weekend, changes in some venues and times for ceremonies may be made. Decisions will be made on Saturday's and Sunday's activities by 8 a.m.

There are lots of ways to get the latest information:

• Visit the University's home page, which will be updated as soon as possible.

• Listen to local radio stations. Announcements will be made no later than 8 a.m.

• Local hotels will also be alerted to changes. Check with your front desk.

• Sign up with "UVA Finals Weekend 2009" on Facebook, and you'll receive an update early Sunday morning.

• Call the weather hotlines at 434-924-SNOW (-7669) or 434-243-SNOW (-7669), or the graduation information line, 434-982-2908.

In case of rainy or severe weather on Saturday, Valediction will be held in John Paul Jones Arena.

There are two back-up weather plans for Sunday: the severe weather plan and inclement weather plan

In the event of inclement weather, the University may decide to hold Final Exercises on the Lawn but move diploma ceremonies inside. Under this plan, faculty and students and their guests will go to the inclement-weather sites designated on the diploma ceremony locations chart for diploma distribution.

The severe weather plan will be used only in case of thunder, lightning, high winds or other conditions that make it unsafe to hold ceremonies outside. Consult the weather page for the Office of Major Events for locations.

Venues and times for the various ceremonies in each of the three possible weather scenarios — fair, inclement and severe — are listed on the Finals Web page.