ITC Notifies Some U.Va. Employees of Stolen Computer with Confidential File

April 15, 2008 — The University has learned of a recent burglary that targeted the personal property of a University employee. The stolen items included a computer on which a confidential file of first and last names and Social Security numbers for individuals affiliated with certain university departments was stored.

Individuals whose information was part of the file were contacted by U.S. Mail this week; people who did not receive a letter can assume they are not affected.

Police are investigating, but the stolen items have not yet been recovered.

Circumstances suggest the thief was not targeting the confidential information, and there is no evidence he or she has seen or is using this data. Information Technology and Communications is encouraging affected individuals to be alert to signs of misuse,to contact a credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on their consumer credit files and to order a free copy of their credit reports.

Questions about the incident may be submitted by e-mail to