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Jane Kelly

October 16, 2018
The annual event draws thousands to UVA’s Grounds each year. The 2018 iteration includes a lot of new programming as well as some spooky surprises.
October 11, 2018
What began as a promise in a college admissions essay has become one of the longest-standing fundraisers for the Michael J. Fox Foundation – and UVA’s largest student-led fundraising effort, generating more than $500,000 for Parkinson’s research.
October 09, 2018
Environmental scientist Deborah Lawrence talked about the importance of forests in battling deadly rising temperatures at a United Nations conference. She’s found a new platform on the website of Academy Award-winning actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio.
October 08, 2018
The inauguration of the University’s first president, Edwin Anderson Alderman, lasted three hours. UVA’s second president, John Lloyd Newcomb, wanted his to be as short as possible. Here is the backstory on all of UVA’s presidential inaugurations.
October 03, 2018
UVA President Jim Ryan and others lauded Nicholas Champigny and Brandon Smoot at a midday luncheon for courageous actions that saved one man’s life and successfully thwarted a separate, physical attack without the use of a firearm.
October 01, 2018
Palliative care gives patients with serious medical issues a plan to live more comfortably. UVA is offering two new, graduate-level courses in the School of Nursing to produce expert caregivers in the discipline.
September 28, 2018
UVA’s new Student Health and Wellness Center, expected to be completed in 2020, will feature health and wellness care, beautiful green areas and comfortable lounges to beckon students to a lively new space.
September 25, 2018
New research out of UVA’s Department of Psychology finds that 7-month-old babies who display strong reactions to photos of fearful faces often mature into altruistic 14-month-olds.
September 18, 2018
The former ambassador to Poland and lead implementor of the Iran nuclear deal is bringing his vast experience as a top-level foreign service officer to the University.
September 17, 2018
Studying abroad is a signature feature of the UVA experience. Here, we break down the hundreds of opportunities for every student at the University.