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John Kelly

July 14, 2009
July 14, 2009 — One of the most memorable curmudgeons in film and theater history will make his way to the Culbreth Theatre when the Heritage Theatre Festival season continues with "On Golden Pond," which opens Thursday.
July 08, 2009
July 8, 2009 — Imagine you are the producer of the biggest movie in Hollywood history and it is stalled in production. It is the late 1930s and the script for your film, "Gone with the Wind," is a total disaster. Every day of shooting you miss costs you $50,000. What's a movie mogul to do?
June 30, 2009
June 30, 2009 — Looking for directions to a perfectly delicious (and perfectly convenient) summer road trip this year?
May 13, 2009
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April 09, 2009
April 9, 2009 — The University of Virginia Drama Department is ending its 2008-09 season on a classic note with Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."
March 16, 2009
March 13, 2009 — The University of Virginia's College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences announced Thursday that the upcoming 22nd annual Virginia Film Festival will be all about getting down to "Funny Business."
March 12, 2009
March 12, 2009 — The University of Virginia Department of Drama is set to leave 'em laughing — and thinking — with a no-holds-barred comedy that combines Marx Brothers-style zaniness with observations about the true meanin
February 09, 2009
February 9, 2009 — The University of Virginia Drama Department is set to offer audiences a kaleidoscopic window into the mind of one of the most complex figures in American history with its upcoming production of "The Love Song of J
November 11, 2008
November 11, 2008 — Don't worry — that breeze you are about to feel around Culbreth Theatre is just what happens when the "wind comes sweepin' down the plain." The University of Virginia Drama Department will unveil its new producti
November 04, 2008
November 4, 2008 — Though the real exit polls were a couple of days away, informal polls conducted throughout Charlottesville last weekend showed that the 21st Annual Virginia Film Festival's favorability ratings have never been higher.