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John Kelly

September 27, 2016
The Virginia Film Festival, now in its 29th year, draws large crowds to Charlottesville each fall as filmmakers, academics and fans converge for four days of films, workshops, discussions and more.
May 04, 2016
The public forum on the humanities will feature lectures, film screenings, performances and more surrounding the role and enduring importance of humanities in today’s complex world.
September 29, 2015
The 2015 Virginia Film Festival, held Nov. 5-8, boasts an impressive lineup of feature films and documentaries, with screenings and discussions facilitated by some of the biggest names in the industry and in academia.
November 12, 2014
The recently completed 2014 Virginia Film Festival smashed its previous box office record by a remarkable 45.6 percent and set a new mark for tickets issued.
October 07, 2014
Festival organizers on Tuesday announced the full lineup for the popular celebration of all things cinematic, and tickets go on sale Friday.
April 10, 2014
The University of Virginia’s summer drama offerings are heavy on comedy and music in 2014.
November 13, 2013
Ticket sales increased by 11 percent to surpass last year’s record take, and 35 screenings were sold out.
October 09, 2013
The 26th annual event promises to be a gala affair filled with celebrities, independent films, documentaries, local and national filmmakers, and potential Oscar winners.
August 26, 2013
For the first time, families can participate in Virginia Film Festival family events at U.Va.’s Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds.
August 21, 2013
Swarms of evil and mysterious black birds will converge over Charlottesville and the University this November – accompanied by a famous beautiful blonde from Hollywood.