Longtime University of Virginia Staffers Honored

June 5, 2008 — With the academic year complete and its newest graduates sent off into the world, the University of Virginia has now taken time to honor those who lend a steadier presence: its employees; specifically, those who have given a great deal of their professional lives to the University.

In all, this year's honorees have given the University 20,015 years of service. On Wednesday, the University held a banquet to honor its longest-serving employees, those with 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of service. Among them were Lindsay J. Baker of Facilities Management, who has attained 55 years at U.Va.; and David L. Bishop, also of Facilities Management, and Lois A. Lovern of the Office of the President, who both have reached their 50-year mark. Profiles of them and three other long-time U.Va. employees celebrating their 45th year follow.

U.Va. employees, on their 10th year of employment at U.Va. and every five years thereafter, are also honored for their years of service. On May 21, U.Va. recognized 744 employees celebrating 10-, 15- and 20-year anniversaries and the 11 winners of the University's Outstanding Contribution Awards (profiled here) — five employees from the Health System, five from the Academic Division and one from U.Va.-Wise — at a ceremony in the Alumni Hall ballroom.

The Outstanding Contribution Award-winners will also be feted at a June 13 luncheon with the University's Board of Visitors, when they will each receive an engraved clock and a $1,000 check.

Complete List of Years of Service Award Honorees

The six longest-serving employees recognized June 4 by U.Va. President John T. Casteen III were:

Clarence W. Smith
45 years of service
Patient and Guest Services
Since Oct. 1, 1962, Clarence Smith has been one of the first faces visitors see when coming to U.Va. Hospital. His kind and gentle manner eases patients and welcomes everyone who comes through the door. He never forgets a name or a person. There couldn't be a warmer welcome for U.Va. Hospital visitors than the one they receive from Smith.

Judith K. Lynch
45 years of service
Information Technology and Communication
Judy Lynch began her career in 1962 working as a clerk-typist for the hospital comptroller, Robert Hensley. She left the University in 1964, and returned a year later to work as the administrative assistant for the U.Va. Hospital director, John F. Harland Jr. Lynch worked for Harland for many years, eventually becoming the executive secretary for the directors of the U.Va. Hospital. Her work was characterized as excellent. In 1981, Lynch transferred to the hospital's Department of Computing and Communications. In 1998, this department merged with Communication Services, and became part of ITC's Communications and Systems unit. Lynch's fine work in communication services spans 27 of her 45 years of service. 

Sylvia Cox
45 years of service
Department of Pediatrics
Sylvia Cox always has a smile and a cheerful word of encouragement for her patients and co-workers. A skilled phlebotomist, Sylvia worked from 1962 to 1995 in the U.Va. Clinical Laboratory. Since her retirement, Cox has worked with the Department of Pediatrics on an as-needed basis in the Upper Respiratory Research Studies. She is an extraordinary asset to our team.

David L. Bishop
50 years of service
Facilities Management
David Bishop has been, and still is, a very dedicated employee. His wit and humor have made the days very enjoyable for his co-workers over the years. The knowledge that he has obtained during his time here has greatly benefited the University as well as the assistants and apprentices with whom he has come in contact. He has been an icon within the HVAC shop, and when he finally does decide to retire, he will be truly missed.

Lois A. Lovern
50 years of service
The Office of the President
For more than 50 years, Lois Lovern has served the University with commitment and excellence. During her remarkable career, she has worked for three presidents, and has demonstrated a longstanding dedication to the University. Lovern's strong work ethic and uncommon integrity have set a high standard. She received a 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award. She also received the Distinguished Service Award in 1987 from the Alumni Association. She has performed almost every conceivable support role in the Office of the President, and serves now as our travel specialist. She does an admirable job in planning frequent and often complicated trips – all with great accuracy and attention to detail. In addition, she assists the Retired Faculty Association out of loyalty to the many faculty members she has come to know over the years.  

Lindsay J. Baker
55 years of service
Facilities Management
Lindsay Baker started work in December 1952 at the Blue Ridge Hospital. The hospital treated tuberculosis patients. Baker was a multi–task employee who preformed duties such as driving a milk truck, helping mix medicine, working as an orderly and working in the kitchen. He also served in housekeeping until he retired with 37½ years of service. He stayed on at the hospital as a part-time employee until the hospital finally closed in 2002. The day after the hospital closed, Baker started work at U.Va.'s Facilities Management Building Services Department, and still works there 30 hours a week. He is an excellent and dedicated employee, very much respected and appreciated by all.