Assemble and Support a Distinguishing Faculty”

Those words describe a key component of the University of Virginia’s five-year strategic plan, known as The Cornerstone Plan. President Teresa A. Sullivan has said hiring faculty for the University’s third century is a top priority. This push addresses two issues: UVA’s growing enrollment and the importance of securing a new generation of faculty to build on the academic excellence forged by hundreds of veteran professors who are nearing retirement.

As Thomas Jefferson, founder of UVA, famously said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Over the next few months, UVA Today will bring you a series of profiles of women and men who have recently joined the faculty in schools and units across Grounds. This sample of new faculty will include stories about top teachers and researchers in economics, architecture, engineering and law, to name a few. Their combined scholarship will help forge the culture at UVA for the next generation. Check back here during the fall semester and meet our newest faculty.