New UTS Bus Routes Begin Monday

August 08, 2008

Aug. 8, 2008 — The University Transit System is changing its bus routes, effective Monday, Aug. 11.

The former Blue/Orange bus route will be replaced by two routes, the "Northline" and the "U-Loop." The route alignments will be the same throughout the year and the commuter routes from the parking lots will be more efficient.

"The bus routes haven’t changed since 1985, while housing densities, particularly on Grounds, have changed quite a bit," said Rebecca White, director of Parking and Transportation. "Many student dorm areas, such as Hereford, Lambeth and Faulkner, were not fully served by the old route."

Breaking the Blue/Orange route — the system's workhorse — into two pieces should help prevent delays. It had followed a rough figure-eight pattern, requiring 120 minutes for each bus to complete the route. A delay on any portion of the route had an impact on the entire route.

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