News in Brief: UVA Polo Player Is the Best in the Nation

July 10, 2024
Left, a portrait of Lea Jih-Vieira, Right, Lea on horseback about to hit a polo ball

Lea Jih-Vieira, who rode in the 2024 UVA women’s polo national championship match, was named the Daniel J. Wallace Jr. Intercollegiate Player of the Year. (University Communications photos)

Lea Jih-Vieira, who rode on the University of Virginia’s 2024 national-championship women’s polo team, is being recognized nationally as the nation’s top female collegiate player. 

The United States Polo Association and the Polo Training Foundation chose Jih-Vieira as the Daniel J. Wallace Jr. Intercollegiate Player of the Year. A committee comprising representatives from intercollegiate and interscholastic programs selected Jih-Vieira based on her playing ability, contribution to the sport and sportsmanship, as well as horsemanship and leadership on and off the field.

Jih-Vieira, of Frederick, Maryland, was introduced to polo while in middle school. She played three years at Cornell University, where she studied data science. Jih-Vieira came to UVA as a systems engineering graduate student and continued her polo career. 

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