'Our Sweat' Performance Art Aims to Bridge Cultures Through Universal Symbol

April 24, 2008
April 23, 2008 — Katy Cannon, a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia, has issued an invitation to the University and Charlottesville community to perform the public art piece "Our Sweat" on Wednesday, April 30 (please note: date was changed due to weather) at 7 p.m. between Dell I and Ruffner Hall. Cannon is constructing a sweat lodge, weaving materials that are symbolic to different elements of the University and Charlottesville community through the branches that form the structure's frame. The construction of this sweat lodge will culminate in its use by the community.
This piece will be part of a celebration of the Dell buildings and commemorates the studio art department's upcoming move to its new home in Ruffin Hall. The event will bring together diverse people from the University and community, under a shelter of assorted woven pieces that represent the University and community, to share a common experience.

Cannon said, "This structure of a sweat lodge is universally known, yet, for each culture it has a unique and specific use. The aim of my work is to find a way to bridge cultural specificities through this universal structure."

Those attending this performance should bring a rock or similar item that can be heated and then wet to produce the steam for the sweat lodge.

For information, or to schedule an interview with Katy Cannon, call 804-387-1672 or e-mail kgc5e@virginia.edu.