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Pedestrian Safety Campaign Urges Students to Pause Cell Phone Use in Crosswalks

According to a recent study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, the number of pedestrian injuries involving cell phones more than doubled from 2004 to 2010.

Beginning Tuesday, the University of Virginia’s Office of Community Relations will sponsor “HOOS Crossing,” a four-day pedestrian safety campaign, from noon to 2 p.m. each day. The outreach effort, which will be held at crosswalk locations in The Corner district along University Avenue, aims to encourage safe pedestrian crossing at high-traffic areas.

“Many pedestrians fail to pause conversations, take out headphones or put away cell phones while crossing University Avenue at The Corner,” said Samantha Richardson, the U.Va. undergraduate student organizing the campaign.

“Safety is the most important issue on the Corner,” said Anderson McClure, president of the Corner Business Association. “We strive to provide an entertaining and inviting atmosphere while making sure all visitors feel safe and secure.”

Throughout the week, members of U.Va.’s Student Council and Police Department, Dean of Students Allen Groves, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Jeannine Lalonde, representatives from the Corner Business Association, U.Va. student-athletes and the University’s “Cavman” mascot will team up to distribute flyers, coupons and buttons to pedestrians. The campaign will raise awareness about the risks of dangerous crossing and aims to promote safer, courteous crossing techniques.

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