Pedestrian Traffic To Be Rerouted During Steam Tunnel Work

May 30, 2012 — The University of Virginia's summer construction schedule includes steam tunnel work between Garrett and Rouss halls, necessitating some changes to walking patterns.

The tunnel, which lies beneath a sidewalk, will undergo repairs for wear and will be reinforced to allow fire trucks access to the Lawn. Construction is scheduled to start June 4, after Reunions Weekend, and be completed in August before fall classes start.

Construction will begin on the east end of the sidewalk at the top of the Rouss Hall stairs; a second crew will begin where the west side of McGuffey Alley and the sidewalk intersect. The work will proceed from east to west.

Pedestrian traffic on the east side of the Lawn will be rerouted around the construction. The west side walkway will remain unobstructed during the initial phase. East-west pedestrian traffic between McCormick Road and Old Cabell Hall will be routed via Bryan Hall.

Signs will be located throughout the construction area to aid pedestrians. Access to Garrett Hall will be from McCormick Road; the front entrance will remain open during construction. McGuffey Alley also will remain open throughout the construction.

— by Matt Kelly