Radio Program Featuring U.Va.'s Greyson Wins National Award

July 27, 2007 -- “With Good Reason,” Virginia’s only statewide public radio program, recently won a national award for a program it produced on near-death experiences featuring University of Virginia researcher Dr. C. Bruce Greyson. The program, titled “Into the Light,” won second place for "Best Interview" in the Public Radio News Directors International Awards competition.

“We're delighted by this national recognition of the excellence of our production team of Sarah McConnell, Elliot Majerczyk, Jesse Dukes and Nancy King,” said Andrew Wyndham, director of media programs at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. “This is a prestigious affirmation for them in the public radio community.”

“Into the Light” is an example of the “exceptionally compelling radio” that “With Good Reason” routinely produces and showcases host Sarah McConnell’s “superb interviewing skills,” Wyndham said.

The award also affirms the caliber of guests featured on “With Good Reason” — scholars from Virginia’s public colleges and universities.

Greyson, the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry, is one of the first researchers to gather empirical data on near-death experiences using scientific methods. He has documented clear patterns in the long-term health of those who have experienced near-death phenomena. Although these experiences vary from one person to another, they often include feelings of comfort and lack of pain, a sensation of leaving the body, and a sense of deep understanding of events of the past and of events of the future.

In June, “With Good Reason” captured a first-place award given by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters for a program called “Race, Class and Katrina.”

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About “With Good Reason”:

“With Good Reason” is an eclectic blend of timely features and interviews designed to appeal to general audiences. Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history and business — connecting their research to what's happening now.

Founded in 1992, “With Good Reason” is Virginia’s only public radio program broadcast by all of the state’s public radio stations. It is produced for the Virginia Higher Education Broadcasting Consortium, of which U.Va. is a member, by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and is broadcast in partnership with public radio stations in Virginia and Washington, D.C.