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June 01, 2010
June 1, 2010 — Forty-seven physicians from the University of Virginia Health System have been included in the ninth edition of "America's Top Doctors."
June 01, 2010
June 1, 2010 — Genetic epidemiologist Stephen Rich, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Public Health Genomics, has been honored with one of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's most prestigious a
April 01, 2010
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January 13, 2010
January 13, 2010 — A growing body of research continues to warn of the potentially harmful long-term effects of radiation exposure for patients and medical providers during such imaging procedures as X-rays and computed tomography scans, both of which are traditionally used with certain heart proced
December 01, 2009
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October 23, 2009
October 23, 2009 — Cancer patients don't have time to waste, yet many must endure a tedious process of elimination as physicians try several different treatments until identifying the one that is most effective against their particular type of tumor.
July 07, 2009
July 7, 2009 — The estimated one-third of adults who suffer from insomnia could soon find effective treatment without ever leaving their homes.
July 02, 2009
July 2, 2009 — Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System are reporting remarkable results from their pilot clinical study of the artificial pancreas, a computerized, subcutaneous system that could one day revolutionize the way Type 1 diabetics manage their disease.
May 19, 2009
May 19, 2009 – More than two decades ago, Dr. Bankole Johnson pioneered the theory that certain medications could treat addiction – a theory that transformed the way many scientists would think about how the brain's mechanisms are involved with addiction.
May 07, 2009
May 6, 2009 — Dr. David Schiff and colleagues at the University of Virginia Cancer Center were key researchers in a large national clinical trial that has resulted in the U.S.