Off the Shelf: James D. Savage

James D. Savage, politics professor, "Making the EMU: The Politics of Budgetary Surveillance and the Enforcement of Maastricht." Oxford University Press. December 2007

Savage's book about the Economic and Monetary Union explores how the 1992 Maastrich Treaty's budgetary surveillance procedure monitors member state budgetary policies, harmonizes their budgetary data and effectively determines which member states qualified for member status and are subject to the pact's sanctions. This book provides the first examination of how the European Union entrusted the credibility of these critical budgetary figures to a relatively minor European Commission agency, and what effect the surveillance procedure has on the making of the Economic and Monetary Union and the enforcement of Maastricht.

"Savage's careful account of the politics of budgetary surveillance is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of how the EU works and the impact of EMU on budgetary practices in the member states," according to Perspectives on Politics.