Streetscape Improvement Project May Delay West Main Traffic Flow

May 14, 2009 — Motorists on West Main Street near its intersection with Jefferson Park Avenue will likely experience delays starting Monday as utility installation reduces the number of traffic lanes.

The project, which is being executed by the University of Virginia Foundation as part of construction around the Medical Center, includes motorist and pedestrian safety improvements to West Main Street's intersection with Jefferson Park Avenue.

Utility lines on the south side of West Main Street will be moved underground as part of the city's continuing effort to improve West Main Street.

The first phase of this work will be restricted to the south side of West Main Street, adjacent to the surface parking lot in front of the 11th Street parking garage, extending across Jefferson Park Avenue to Clark Park. Alternate routes are advised.

During the work, traffic along West Main Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction. The single westbound traffic lane will also serve for left-hand turns onto Jefferson Park Avenue.

Construction barriers, signs and flagmen will be in place to alert motorists at all times work is underway.

Installation of underground utilities will begin on the eastern edge of the surface parking lot and proceed along West Main Street to the intersection with Jefferson Park Avenue by mid-July. The work will be performed during the daytime.

When utilities are to be installed across the Jefferson Park Avenue's intersection with West Main Street, which is scheduled to occur in August and September, the work will be performed at night, when city and University buses are not running.

Improvements on Jefferson Park Avenue in front of the Blake Center and 1222 Jefferson Park Avenue are scheduled for October and November, with the work taking place at night. New traffic signals and street striping are scheduled to be complete by December.

Project work will adjust to major events such as Reunions Weekend, student move-in, football games and major concerts. This may include changing working hours, working days and type of work scheduled for a given day. Pedestrian access around the work site will be provided throughout the project.

— By Matt Kelly