Surplus Computers to be Recycled

April 27, 2010 — The University of Virginia's Office of Procurement Services has contracted with AERC Recycling Solutions to provide electronic equipment and data disposal. 

Previously, surplus computer equipment had data erased and was then sold online at a surplus government equipment website. Now AERC will pick up any electronic equipment at the department and dispose of it, ensuring the data is securely erased. The items will be recycled or sold, keeping the material from a landfill.

The resale of working equipment pays for the cost of recycling the unsellable items and data erasure. Recyclers ask that:

• all power cables be included with the equipment;

• Microsoft Windows Certificate of Authentication labels remain on all desktop and/or laptop computers;

• and the equipment remains in complete units, including hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, memory chips, processor chips and batteries, as applicable.

Users in the departments are responsible for verifying that the computer equipment is eligible for surplus disposal; if the item has an asset tag, authorization must first be obtained from Fixed Assets Accounting.

Pick-ups are usually made on Thursdays, but may be less frequent depending on volume.  AERC will contact departments to schedule pick-up times. Pick up at the department saves money and is more environmentally responsible.

For updates, visit the Surplus Property website or  contact Bobby Carefoot at 434-924-3338 or email

— By Matt Kelly