Take a Vacation with Virginia Quarterly Review’s Summer Issue

“I love the summer issues of commercial magazines with their exotic vacation escapes,” writes Jon Parrish Peede, publisher of the University of Virginia’s venerated journal, the Virginia Quarterly Review. His note introduces readers to some of the exotic locales and distinctive characters featured in this summer issue and mentions the magazine’s “distinctive editorial treatment” that sets it apart from its “glossy cousins.”

Here’s a brief overview of articles:

  • ·“Remembering the Randolphs” by Tess Taylor
    Thomas Jefferson worked his entire life to create the first country where bloodlines would not matter, or would at least not matter as much. But his extended family certainly kept track of their inheritances. A descendant looks at the making of a privileged lineage.
  •  “Summer on the Island” by Benjamin Rasmussen
    A photographer returns home to the remote Faroe Islands between Iceland and Denmark (featured on the cover)
  • “The Accidental Beekeeper” by Benjamin Rachlin
    On the sweet (and sour) business of local honey.
  • “First the Fence, Then the System” by Lauren Markham
    More and more children from Central America are entering the U.S. illegally and alone. What happens when they’re caught?
  • “It’s All About the Cow” by Catherine McKinley
    Learn about Namibian women and the politics of haute fashion.

Plus: fiction and poetry by U.Va.’s Kevin Hart, Edwin B. Kyle Professor of Christian Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences; former English faculty member Ann Beattie; and M.F.A. Creative Writing Program alumni Brendan Mathews and Sandra Beasley.

Much more is available to subscribers, including a selection of book reviews, fiction and poetry. Click here for the table of contents.

U.Va. visitors to the website have access to all the articles and back issues online. For others, only some of the articles are available in their entirety. Online and print subscriptions are available on the website.

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