Tip of the Month: Winter Preparedness

December 11, 2010 – It's Winter Preparedness Week in Virginia. You may recall on your way home for winter break last year, we got clobbered with snow. Are you ready for what may be coming this winter? A little common sense will take you a long way:

•    Have good boots for walking – more like something Grandma would wear rather than Rihanna.
•    Our crews around Grounds do an awesome job, but they can't get all paths cleared all at once. Walk only on cleared paths – in Grandma's boots.
•    A snowfall does not warrant a rager; as a matter of fact, it is probably one of the worst times. Booze and ice (on the ground) are not a good mix.
•    Be prepared should you lose power:
o    Keep your iPod and cell phone powered up.
o    Get a crank or battery-operated radio and tune into to WTJU for current updates from U.Va.
o    Be sure to have flashlights on hand with extra batteries – one is no good without the other. Do not use candles; candlelight may seem cozy, but definitely not worth the risk of a fire.
o    Keep a stash of non-perishable food (this could be your best opportunity to try cheese in a can).
•    When authorities say the roads are not good to drive, listen to them. This is not so much about you, but for the folks who must be out, like fire and rescue vehicles responding to an incident where someone used candles instead of flashlights.
o    Use UTS. These guys are experts at what they do and great folks to boot.
•    If you live off Grounds, be a good neighbor and clear the walk in front of your house (also, it's the law). This will be an excellent time to break in your Grandma boots.
•    Keep some supplies in your car for when it is safe to be on the road again:
o    Ice scraper for windows.
o    Shovel and broom.
o    Water and a few nonperishable snacks (cheese in a can!).
o    Sand, rock salt or even kitty litter (fresh) to give you traction if you get stuck.
o    Extra socks, gloves and mittens, also similar to what Grandma might have on hand.

For more tips for winter weather, go to www.Ready.Gov.

For information, contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 434-982-0565 or uvaoep@virginia.edu.

Media Contact

Marge Sidebottom

U.Va. Director Of Emergency Preparedness