U.Va. Launches New Online Job Application System

April 13, 2007 -- The University of Virginia announced today that it is launching a new online application system known as Jobs@UVa. Scheduled to go live July 30, 2007, Jobs@UVa will replace the paper job application currently in use at the University. The system also will be used in most areas of the University when creating new positions, writing job descriptions, posting ads for jobs and supporting search committees and hiring processes. 

“I am thrilled to offer this new system to all of our applicants and everyone involved in hiring here at U.Va.,” said Susan Carkeek, chief human resources officer at the University. “Jobs@UVa is completely online, available 24/7 from anywhere that is Internet-accessible, making our hiring process more convenient and transparent. This means faster and better service for all of our customers, on-Grounds and off.” 

Jobs@UVa significantly changes the application process at U.Va. “There are so many wonderful features for applicants in the new system,” said Lucinda Childs-White, director of recruitment and staffing. “For example, applicants currently need to update their materials every three months. We are dropping that requirement with the online system. Once you create an account, your application will stay active for editing for at least three years.” 

With Jobs@UVa account holders also can:

•  Apply to a specific job posting
•  Review all of their application history
•  Get e-mail alerts when job categories they select become available

Applicants to the Medical Center will continue to use the Medical Center's application system.

Some of Jobs@UVa’s innovations take place behind the scenes. Jobs@UVa will allow for online information exchange between schools and units and University HR, replacing an internal paper-based process. “The online features change the way we do business,” said Rod Kelly, director of compensation. “Jobs@UVa will make the process faster and more streamlined for those trying to fill positions at the University.”

Jobs@UVa has undergone one round of testing by University employees, with the second round beginning this week. The introduction of the system to the University community will include auditorium-style presentations as well as hands-on training; the Charlottesville community will get hands-on training as well. Training is expected to begin in mid-July.

If you are interested in knowing more about Jobs@UVa, please visit www.virginia.edu/jobs, e-mail uvajobs@virginia.edu, or contact Lucinda Childs-White in University Human Resources.