U.Va. Makes it Easier for Researchers to Report Inventions

February 08, 2013

The University of Virginia’s Licensing & Ventures Group has launched a new tool to simplify how researchers inform the University about their discoveries. The organization’s new one-page intellectual property disclosure form is available online here.

Part of the U.Va. Innovation initiative, the Licensing & Ventures Group works to bring U.Va. research discoveries to the public through new business development and partnerships with industry.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to faculty, staff and student researchers,” said Michael P. Straightiff, director of the Licensing & Ventures Group. “We’ve simplified the disclosure form and streamlined our procedures to make it easier than ever for researchers to let us know about their discoveries, even in the early stages of a project.”

The new form enables researchers to jumpstart the research commercialization process by sharing only the most pertinent information about their work, such as a brief description and any grant information. The one-page document (plus signature page) replaces several other documents formerly required to disclose, certify and assign intellectual property to the University.

Similarly, researchers wishing to disclose a research reagent – such as a monoclonal or polyclonal antibody, mouse strain, recombinant protein or cell line – can do so using the University’s new research reagent disclosure form, also available online.

“Since the launch of U.Va. Innovation more than a year ago, we’ve made several changes to the way we do business in an effort to build a stronger culture of innovation,” said W. Mark Crowell, executive director of U.Va. Innovation and associate vice president for research.

“If you are an innovative U.Va. researcher, or you’re perhaps thinking about starting a company around your research, we want to get to know you and your work so that we can help identify opportunities for you to make an even greater impact.”

For more information or to disclose a research discovery, click here.

Media Contact

Morgan Estabrook

Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications U.Va. Innovation