U.Va. Patent Foundation Celebrates 75 University Inventors

May 20, 2008 — The University of Virginia Patent Foundation honored the 2008 Edlich-Henderson Inventor of the Year and those University inventors who received U.S. patents and copyrights in 2007 at a special ceremony held Monday evening at the Boar's Head Inn.

George T. Rodeheaver, distinguished professor in U.Va.'s Department of Plastic Surgery, accepted the 2008 Edlich-Henderson Inventor of the Year Award and spoke before a crowd of approximately 100 inventors and guests. Rodeheaver, the Richard F. Edlich Professor of Biomedical Research, was chosen for the revolutionary wound-healing technology — trade-named PluroGel™ — he developed over more than three decades of research in the U.Va. Health System.

Patent Foundation executive director Robert S. MacWright and board chairman Erik L. Hewlett., presented 74 researchers with award certificates, noting their patented invention or copyrighted work.

A list of the U.Va. faculty, staff and student inventors and their colleagues receiving U.S. patents and copyrights in 2007 follows.


Use of Pramipexole to Treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Patent No. 7,157,480)
James P. Bennett Jr. (Neurology)

Method and Apparatus for Spin-Echo-Train MR Imaging Using Prescribed Signal Evolutions (Patent No. 7,164,268)
John P. Mugler III (Radiology)
James R. Brookeman (Radiology)

Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor Agonists and Antagonists (Patent No. 7,169,818)
Kevin R. Lynch (Pharmacology)
Timothy L. Macdonald (Chemistry)
Mark D. Okusa (Medicine: Nephrology)
Christopher E. Heise (Pharmacology)
Webster L. Santos

Compositions and Methods for Prevention and Treatment of Uncontrolled Formation of Intravascular Fibrin Clots (Patent No. 7,172,760)
Ronald P. Taylor (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics)

Optimized High-Speed Magnetic Resonance Imaging Method and System Using Hyperpolarized Noble Gases (Patent No. 7,174,200)
John P. Mugler III (Radiology)
James R. Brookeman (Radiology)
Michael Salerno (Biomedical Engineering)

Multifunctional Battery and Method of Making the Same (Patent No. 7,211,348)
Haydn N.G. Wadley (Materials Science and Engineering)
Douglas T. Queheillalt (Materials Science and Engineering)
Anthony G. Evans
Ann Marie Sastry

2-propynyl Adenosine Analogs Having A.sub.2A Agonist Activity and Compositions Thereof (Patent No. 7,214,665)
Joel M. Linden (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Jayson M. Rieger (Darden graduate student)
Timothy L. Macdonald (Chemistry)
Gail W. Sullivan (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Lauren J. Murphree (Chemistry)
Robert Alan Figler (Cardiovascular Research Center)

Method for Orthogonal Analyte Stacking/Injection Systems in Electrophoresis (Patent No. 7,223,325)
James P. Landers (Chemistry)
James F. Palmer

Pharmaceutical Compositions Having A.sub.2A Adenosine Receptor Agonist Activity (Patent No. 7,226,913)
Joel M. Linden (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Gail W. Sullivan (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Ian J. Sarembock
Timothy L. Macdonald (Chemistry)
Mark D. Okusa (Medicine: Nephrology)
Irving L. Kron (Surgery)
W. Michael Scheld (Infectious Disease)

Streamlined Unobstructed One-Pass Axial-Flow Pump (Patent No. 7,229,258)
Paul E. Allaire (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Houston G. Wood (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Steven W. Day
Xinwei Song (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Alexandrina Untaroiu (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Amy L. Throckmorton (Biomedical Engineering)
Don B. Olsen

Sperm Specific Proteins (Patent No. 7,230,073)
Zhonglin Hao
John C. Herr (Cell Biology)
Friederike L. Jayes
Jagathpala Shetty (Cell Biology)
Michael J. Wolkowicz (Cell Biology)

Compounds Active in Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Signaling (Patent No. 7,241,790)
Kevin R. Lynch (Pharmacology)
Timothy L. Macdonald (Chemistry)

Enhancing the Efficacy of Immunotherapies by Supplementing with Complement (Patent No. 7,255,858)
Ronald P. Taylor (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics)
Margaret A. Lindorfer (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics)
Michael D. Solga (School of Medicine Core Facilities)
Adam Kennedy (Cell Biology)

Robotic Pick Up and Delivery System (Patent No. 7,261,511)
Robin Felder (Pathology)
Randy Turner (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
William Holman (Pathology)
Chris Estey (Biomedical Engineering)

Active Energy Absorbing Cellular Metals and Method of Manufacturing and Using the Same (Patent No. 7,288,326)
Dana M. Elzey (Materials Science and Engineering)
Haydn N. G. Wadley (Materials Science and Engineering)


Macromolecular Structure Solution Module That Includes Instrument Control and CIR Creator (Registration No. TXu1-338-583)
Wladek Minor (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)
Marcin Cymborowski (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)
Maksymilian Chruszcz (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)
Heping Zheng (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)

Flash Implicit Association Test Software (Registration No. TXu1-336-556)
Ethan Sutin (Psychology)
Brian Nosek (Psychology)

Research Development Environment Software (Registration No. TXu1-342-005)
Sriram Natarajan (Psychology)
Lili Wu (Psychology)
Jeffrey Hansen (Psychology)
Ethan Sutin (Psychology)
Brian Nosek (Psychology)

High Object Number Cellular Motility Imaging Tracking Algorithms (Registration No. TXu1-348-310)
Michael Simmers
Brett Blackman (Biomedical Engineering)

HealthTrack Software (Registration No. TXu1-345-572)
Michelle Hilgart
Jane Schubart

Teaching Performance Record Software (Registration No. TXu1-370-257)
Scott Imig
Robert McNergney (Education)
Echol Marshall

Medical Data Privacy and Security Software (Registration No. TXu 1-569-160)
Alf Weaver (Computer Science)

Blood Glucose at Home Medical Software (Registration No. TXu1-366-558)
William Clarke (Pediatrics)
Linda Gonder-Frederick (Psychiatric Medicine)
Lee M. Ritterband (Psychiatric Medicine)
Daniel Cox (Psychiatric Medicine)

Pressure Ulcer Prevention E-Learning Program (Registration No. TXu1-570-776)
Jane Schubart
Michelle Hilgart

VQUANT Pro: A Nuclear Cardiology Visualization Program (Registration No. TXu1-569-492)
William Smith
Denny Watson (Radiology)

ImageReview (Registration No. TXu 1-570-707)
William Smith
Denny Watson (Radiology)

Normal Stages of Hematopoiesis
Sandi Garrison (Medicine: Hematology and Oncology)
Lindsey Krstic (Medicine: Hematology and Oncology)
Charles Hess (Medicine: Hematology and Oncology)

Co-expression Extrapolation: Insilico Prediction of Chemo-Therapeutic Response
Jae K. Lee (Urology)
Dan Theodorescu (Urology)

XTALDB: A Database and Associated Programs That Deal With the Macromolecular Crystallization Process
Wladek Minor (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)
Matthew Zimmerman (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)
Maksymilian Chruszcz (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics)

Guaranteed Data Integrity in the GIG-NCES Environment
Alf Weaver (Computer Science)

ecoMOD 3: SEAM House
John Quale (Architecture)

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About the Edlich-Henderson Inventor of the Year Award
The highest honor bestowed by the U.Va. Patent Foundation, the Edlich-Henderson Inventor of the Year award recognizes an inventor or team of inventors each year whose technology has proven to be of notable value to society. Named for U.Va. Professor Emeritus Richard F. Edlich, M.D., and Christopher J. Henderson, the award is a tribute to their enduring support of and commitment to the University and its inventors.