UVA Trivia, Part 2: Can You Name These Famous Wahoos?

The newest UVA Today quiz asks readers to identify famous Wahoos.

As the University of Virginia’s bicentennial approaches, UVA Today is releasing a series of quizzes to help readers brush up on 200 years worth of Wahoo trivia.

We began in April with a quiz on general UVA history; now we’re asking readers to show us what they know about some of the school’s alumni.

In its two centuries of existence, the University has produced thousands of leaders in everything from politics, to engineering, literature, medicine and more.

Below we’ve packed just a few of these outstanding graduates into 12 questions. If you didn’t answer enough questions correctly to earn the title of “Victor of the Academical Village” on the last quiz, here’s your chance for redemption.


(The quiz includes some contributed photos and some photos published under Creative Commons)

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