U.Va. Wins National Competition for Promoting Safe Driving Among Youth

September 1, 2010 — The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team – known as ADAPT – at the University of Virginia has won an award from the Allstate Foundation for its work to bring safe teen and young adult driving to the community.

The National Organizations for Youth Safety teamed up with the foundation to award $1,000 to the University's program. ADAPT joins 49 other youth organizations and communities across the nation, sharing $50,000 in grant funding.

ADAPT earned the award for its innovative campaign aimed at reducing impaired driving during the spring Foxfield steeplechase horse races. ADAPT used a combination of social marketing, coordinating a sober driver pledge drive and conducting an educational presentation to promote safe driving choices.

Susan Bruce, director of U.Va. Student Health's Center for Alcohol and Substance Education, said that ADAPT peer educators raise awareness of alcohol and other drug issues and provide educational outreach to fraternities, sororities, athletic teams and some local high schools.

The award money will help continue the program's outreach efforts, she said.