Video: Passion, Compassion and Brilliance Drive This Teacher

Sherri Moore lost her husband when she was 30. Four months later, she lost her mother on the day that would have been her one-year wedding anniversary.

Moore shares this story with students on the last day of her commercial law course in the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Her message is that you can never predict what life will throw your way. You have to work at being happy.

“Life is precious, and if you don’t live every day and enjoy what you can out of each day, what have you done?” she asks.

Her story brings tears to her students’ eyes and elicits hugs.

Moore was a trial lawyer for 20 years before she came to the classroom. Her teaching is so popular that her course made a list of must-take classes in UVA’s student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily. Reviews on “Rate My Professor” are glowing and say her class is full of real-world lessons.

Watch the video above to learn more about Moore’s appeal.

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