Video: Season’s Greetings From UVA

People standing at a table inside serving food

President Teresa A. Sullivan extended her holiday greetings to the University community in a message Monday. Watch the holiday video above, and read her letter below.

Dear University Community:

In the holiday season, with a new year approaching, we reflect on the days behind us and express gratitude for the many gifts of the past year. At this time of year, I am particularly grateful for your steadfast dedication to the University of Virginia.

Among the many traditions that we cherish at UVA, we give special attention to the tradition of serving others and giving back to our community. Just as our students personify so many of the values we hold dear at UVA – honor, self-governance, leadership, diversity – they also embody our commitment to service. They are servant-leaders in the truest sense of the words.

UVA students are the stars of the video above, and you can watch them uphold the University’s tradition of service as they carry out various acts of kindness and goodwill in our community. The video culminates with another great UVA tradition – the Lighting of the Lawn.

With the holidays upon us and the beginning of 2018 just a few days away, I wish you joyful celebrations with family and friends, and a new year filled with the hope and promise of a bright future.

Teresa A. Sullivan

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