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William Cocke

April 06, 2011
April 6, 2011 — Marvin Rosenblum, who taught mathematics in the University of Virginia's College of Arts & Sciences for 45 years, is remembered for his generosity and supportiveness.
July 10, 2007
July 10, 2007 -- When it comes to finding the hottest restaurant in town or the best hotel for a vacation, the Internet is the tool of choice for a growing number of consumers.
March 07, 2007
March 7, 2007 -- In Lewis Carroll’s whimsical poem, “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” the titular sea mammal devours — rather regretfully — all the oysters on a stretch of beach.
November 13, 2006
Nov. 13, 2006 -- With a $798,000 gift to the University of Virginia, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York City has extended its support for digital scholarship in the humanities.