The program is now open in two Charlottesville neighborhoods with high rates of chronic diseases and shorter life expectancies.
“This exhibit is but a small token of my gratitude for the opportunity to give voice to the ghosts of yesterday,” wrote Ian Solomon, the pavilion’s current resident.
As the World Health Organization aims to eradicate cervical cancer in the next century, a UVA nursing professor and an infectious diseases expert are teaming up to battle it with a tailored approach.
Returning to complete her college degree as an adult, Leslie Arriaza found a community, work that shed light on her family’s history, and new opportunities in her career.
The Kluge-Ruhe Collection will expand its work with Indigenous artists, curators and consultants, enabling them to play a larger leadership role at the museum.
Celeste Greene, appointed last month to the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Advisory Board, has long been at the forefront of environmental justice and online learning.
Amanda Nguyen is examining the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve the mental well-being of conflict-affected populations, including mothers and veterans, in Bangladesh, Ukraine and Myanmar.
Protecting basic research and the federal policies that enable it to flourish at universities like UVA is a driving force for Julia Smith.