In his first address to the Class of 2022 as the University of Virginia’s president, Jim Ryan had some advice for UVA’s newest students. 

“When in doubt, build a bridge,” he said.

He urged students to live connected lives. He asked them to reach out to each other, to professors, to UVA employees and to Charlottesville’s neighboring communities.

“Don’t be afraid to engage with people or ideas that are different from you. It is one of the best ways to sharpen your thinking and even change your own mind,” he said. “When in doubt, build a bridge, even if you are not sure where it is going.”

This idea isn’t limited to new college arrivals: faculty members reach across disciplines to solve complex problems, students make connections across cultural divides, staff members make a difference in our local communities. 

Here, find just a few of these stories. Know of someone who is building a bridge at UVA? Let us know at

Despite appearing in just two games this season, the well-connected junior midfielder has made contributions on and off the pitch.
Among the 12 awardees from Virginia’s colleges and universities, these three will be recognized for exemplifying “the highest standards of teaching, scholarship and service” at a March ceremony in Richmond.
UVA’s one-of-a-kind database, Autism DRIVE, combines information on current research and evidence-based resources available across the state.
Former B-17 bomber pilot Jack Bertram was the center of attention Tuesday during a touching evening salute in a stately home not far from the Rotunda.
A $40 million gift from Paul Tudor Jones and Sonia Jones will help fund the innovative project, to be located adjacent to the Dell on Emmet Street.
For the second straight year, members of Hoos First Look provided an all-expenses-paid weekend orientation program to high schoolers who – like them – are first-generation students looking to make the leap to higher education.
In the days and weeks leading up to Lighting of the Lawn, members of UVA’s Facilities Management team begin hanging thousands of lights to illuminate the Academical Village. Here is a look at what goes on behind the scenes.
Tyler Dean is using his experiences with the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to create a fire and life safety educator position within Albemarle County’s fire and rescue service.