The rules are simple. Look for the objects listed in the game and click or tap your screen when you see them. The game is timed. Like the hugely popular game Wordle, players can even share their game results with friends. So join the fun of Hoo? What? Where? and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future games!

Fall rolled into the Northern Hemisphere Thursday night. It may not be sweater weather yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of that new Fair Isle jumper with this new stumper.
Can you spot the foam saber? How about the cheek tattoo? Test your skills with this latest quiz and keep the competition going by sharing your results with friends and family.
The fair is Monday. The puzzle is now. Can you spot the ice skate? The leis? Zoom in and test your skills.
The latest edition of UVA Today’s seek-and-find game features a literal peek behind the scenes in UVA’s Department of Drama.
The second installment of our interactive challenge takes you inside a School of Architecture design studio.
Just in time for summer, UVA Today is introducing a new interactive game. Players can even share their results with others, just like Wordle. Join the fun!