Acclaimed architect Francis Kéré, known for his pioneering communal approach to design and commitment to sustainability, has been named the 2021 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medalist in Architecture.
The medal, considered UVA’s highest honor, will go this year to architect Francis Kéré, known for his communal approach to design.
How do “The Muppets” and other popular shows from television history make us rethink generational influences? Assistant dean and media studies professor Shilpa Davé explains.
Projection mapping shows will light up several UVA buildings this spring. Take a look back at the first show at the University Chapel.
Viewers heard from seven speakers Sunday evening, taking lessons on how to build bridges under challenging circumstances.
With seven speakers in all, the event, featuring stories that make you think twice, will continue the bridge-building theme begun during UVA President Jim Ryan’s 2018 inauguration.
Fiorani, UVA’s resident expert on Leonardo da Vinci, shares details and fun facts from her new book – and explains why the “Renaissance man” tag might be misapplied.
Alumna Fri Forjindam and her creative team recently added exciting new elements to Paisley Park, the Minnesota home of the late music megastar Prince.