The urban planning student has been in a wheelchair for as long as he can remember. He is using that firsthand experience to make homes, buildings and communities, including UVA, more accessible for those who will come after him. more >
The 2018 University Awards for Projects in the Arts will fund photography, opera singing and acting, as three undergraduates express their creative sides. more >
Members of the UVA community, ranging from scientists and historians to students and wrestling coaches, share their expertise as producers and hosts of their own podcasts. more >
In her second year, Paige Taul dedicated herself to filmmaking. As she prepares to walk the Lawn, she discusses three of the films she is most proud of. more >
Wylie has photographed Pompeii for five years, capturing haunting, poignant scenes from the ruined Roman city that has remained frozen in time since the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. more >
In a first for UVA’s drama department, two professors team-taught a yearlong course in which 11 students wrote, directed and produced their own short films. more >
For 10 days, students and faculty members joined professor Sanda Iliescu and her “Painting and Public Art” course in creating their own interpretation of the iconic American flag. more >
The University has acquired an archive of prolific editorial cartoonist Patrick Oliphant’s work that illustrates the history of an art form – and an era. more >