A new lab, part of UVA’s Democracy Initiative, is examining the cause and cost of corruption throughout the world. It kicked off its activities Tuesday by hearing from an anti-corruption activist.
Financier-turned-activist William Browder, called “Russia’s Most Wanted Man” by The New Yorker, started his global fight against corruption after his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, died in Russian custody.
Home to the nation’s longest-running presidential oral history program, “secret White House tapes” and numerous scholars, White House alumni and public policy experts, the Miller Center is uniquely equipped to offer historical perspective on this week’s hearings.
Misran Dolan’s project with UVA’s Democracy Initiative raises awareness of threats Uyghurs – including his extended family members – face in China, including “reeducation camps” and a rising surveillance state.
The end of the Cold War 30 years ago this weekend brought promise and anticipation – and created new challenges. Two UVA scholars – one from inside the Reagan administration, and one in West Germany at the time – offer their perspectives.
Potter directs UVA’s National Security Policy Center, which is quickly developing a reputation as a valuable resource for policymakers inside the Beltway.
The faculty-led Governing America in a Global Era, or GAGE, initiative has already attracted high-profile speakers, including an alumnus working with Google’s parent company and a lawyer at the heart of impeachment proceedings.
“We are paying for what we can think of as sick care, and we are expecting health care,” said Dr. Paul Matherne, who teaches MBA students about the intricacies of the American health care system.