UVA psychiatrist Dr. Greg Saathoff’s professional work tilted toward terrorism-related issues following 9/11, which helped instill in him a deep sense of humility.
Growing up in post-9/11 America, Maihan Far Alam was called a “terrorist” because of her ethnicity and suffered the deaths of family members during the conflict in Afghanistan.
Danielle Faul’s father narrowly avoided death while working in the Pentagon. She reflects on how the sacrifices, bravery and loss of 9/11 inspired her service to her country.
Working in Congress, Melody Barnes, now director of UVA’s Karsh Institute of Democracy, remembers fear and uncertainty of 9/11 – and the resolve to continue doing the work of the country.
It is legal for someone to ask you about your vaccination status. Law professor Margaret Foster Riley tells us why.
Former CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews, a media studies professor of practice at UVA, recounts his experiences on 9/11 and the importance of a shared set of facts in a national crisis.
Alumnus Dan Friedman lost his father, Andrew, at the World Trade Center. Andrew’s legacy lives on his twin sons and their company, founded to give back to other 9/11 families.
Americans are quitting their jobs or demanding remote work as they emerge from the pandemic. Darden professor Sean Martin, who advises companies on leadership and culture, says employers will flounder if they don’t adapt.