In 2012, Gillian “Gill” Frank filed a suit contesting a voting law that prevented some expatriates from voting. Friday, his country’s Supreme Court ruled in his favor, saying the law violated the country’s constitution. more >
The ruling means that people making Social Security claims should have an easier time finding legal representation to advance their cases. more >
The ruling, covered widely in Virginia media, brings to a close the neglected health challenges of female inmates at a prison in Fluvanna County. more >
Have you ever wanted to speak up at work but worried that what you have to say could cause offense, or even worse, jeopardize your job? Darden professor Jim Detert has some great advice for you. more >
Several major companies are expected to go public in 2019, including billion-dollar “unicorns” like Uber and Lyft. Darden professor Susan Chaplinsky explains what the new year’s high-profile IPOs could mean for the stock market. more >
Tap, an app launched by alumnus Samuel Ian Rosen, helps users find water bottle refills in more than 7,000 cities and 30 countries. Rosen believes the technology can help eliminate disposable plastic bottles while saving users money and time. more >
Statistician Nicholas Cohen said the publication, part of UVA’s Center for Politics, provided the most accurate forecast for the 2018 House of Representatives elections. more >
Darden School of Business professor Sean Martin explores the impact that social class transitioners – those who move between socioeconomic classes as children and adults – can have in the workplace. more >