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Caroline Newman

September 29, 2016
Professor Emeritus Richard Crozier, who will release a book of paintings Saturday, paints Charlottesville from the front seat of his Volkswagen, where he has created thousands of paintings spanning more than four decades.
September 23, 2016
UVA professor Edgar Olsen told the Senate Appropriations Committee that a switch to voucher-based housing assistance would serve millions of additional people at the same cost to taxpayers.
September 23, 2016
Alumna Kristin van Ogtrop, who just concluded a successful 13-year run as editor-in-chief of Real Simple magazine, joined a fellow ’Hoo, investment executive Kate Moore, at Darden’s Graduate Women in Business conference.
September 22, 2016
Steven Lewis, a Ph.D. student in UVA’s music department, hit all the right notes while bringing more than 400 years of African-American music to life in the Smithsonian’s newest museum, where he is a research assistant.
September 22, 2016
Davis, a new marketing professor in the McIntire School of Commerce, has earned accolades for research demonstrating, among other findings, how homophones, word order or alliteration can dramatically influence consumers’ purchases.
September 21, 2016
Workshops, one-on-one career counseling sessions and other resources at the UVA Career Center can help younger students make informed decisions as they select a major and begin mapping out a career path.
September 20, 2016
Chevy Beh created BookDoc as a one-stop-shop for accessing the best health care. The company has taken off in 17 cities across Southeast Asia, partnered with organizations like Uber, Agoda and AirAsia, and impressed high-profile investors.
September 16, 2016
The breadth of investments sets the stage for advancing UVA priorities in affordability, research, student access, the academic experience and more.
September 15, 2016
The Fralin Museum of Art at UVA is debuting its fall exhibitions, among them a collection of prints by official “war artists” whose work is part historical documentation, part propaganda.
September 14, 2016
UVA’s rector created the panel in August to review governance and operation procedures for the more-than-$2 billion fund established to support transformational scholarship, research, student access and health care initiatives at UVA.