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Jane Kelly

November 18, 2011
November 18, 2011 — Switzerland's deputy chief of mission, Guillaume Scheurer, will discuss his country's role as the United States' representative in Iran on Nov. 28 at the University of Virginia.
November 17, 2011
November 17, 2011 — Turkey's ambassador to the United States, Namik Tan, gave a wide-ranging talk at the University of Virginia Monday, touching on regional security issues concerning Syria and Iraq and his country's quest to join the European Union.
November 11, 2011
University of Virginia students interested in international education have an array of options from which to choose this week, as the University observes International Education Week, which runs through Friday.
November 10, 2011
November 10, 2011 — Turkey's ambassador to the United States, Namik Tam, comes to the University of Virginia Monday to discuss his country's foreign policy and bilateral relations with the United States.
October 10, 2011
October 10, 2011 — The University of Virginia's Center for International Studies  celebrated the move to its new home in Hotel A on the West Range Thursday with the first installment of a new faculty book launch series, featuring pol
October 04, 2011
October 4, 2011 — University of Virginia students seeking to study, live or work abroad can take advantage of a series of free weekly seminars tailored to help demystify and enrich the experience.
October 03, 2011
Kenya's ambassador to the United States says the world will remain an unsafe place until lawless Somalia is stabilized.
September 27, 2011
September 27, 2011 — Kenya's ambassador to the United States, Elkanah Odembo, kicks off the University of Virginia's annual Ambassadors' Speakers Forum on Thursday.
September 23, 2011
September 26, 2011 — The Center for International Studies is soliciting proposals for University Seminars in International Studies and
September 21, 2011
September 20, 2011 — World's fairs have produced some of the most exciting inventions of our times. The elevator was featured at the 1853 fair in Dublin. The telephone was unveiled in Philadelphia in 1876.