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Marian Anderfuren

November 05, 2010
November 5, 2010 — WTJU-FM and the Charlottesville Jazz Society will host the Benjamin Herman Quartet in concert on Tuesday, the second in an ongoing series of concerts by Dutch jazz groups made possible with support of the Dutch Consulate in New York.
October 28, 2010
October 28, 2010 — The study of human rights violations falls into many disciplines – history, politics and economics, to name a few. For Fritz Scheuren, it's a matter of statistics.
October 21, 2010
To students, staff and faculty:
October 20, 2010
October 20, 2010 — Just over four years after its groundbreaking, the South Lawn at the University of Virginia will be dedicated Oct. 22 at 2 p.m.
October 18, 2010
October 18, 2010 — The University of Virginia’s outdoor siren and public address notification system is currently out of service. The system will be offline while the manufacturer and installer work to fix a problem. All other emergency notifications remain operational.
September 27, 2010
September 27, 2010 — Theodore J. Crackel, whose digital re-launch of the Papers of George Washington helped set a new course for traditional documentary editing projects, has retired after six years as editor-in-chief.
September 23, 2010
September 23, 2010 — The Charlottesville Jazz Society will present guitarist Lew Woodall and his quartet on Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. in Brooks Hall Commons at the University of Virginia.
September 16, 2010
September 16, 2010 — The Center for Alcohol and Substance Education at the University of Virginia and the Gordie Foundation, two organizations that work to reduce hazardou