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Audrey Breen

May 02, 2016
The study shows that teachers who receive training in managing their personal stress are more effective and more empathetic with students.
April 18, 2016
Standing in front of a classroom for the first time is already nerve-wracking for teachers in training. So what happens when that kid in the third row slips out his cell phone and starts texting?
March 17, 2016
New research from UVA’s Curry School of Education finds that threat assessment teams in Virginia public schools prevent violence while showing no racial disparities in discipline.
February 19, 2016
Nearly 40 years into his career, Curry School of Education professor Mike McKenna says this project has grown into the most important undertaking he’s ever been involved in.
February 10, 2016
Three Curry School of Education researchers describe the origins of the gifted gap, and suggest some ways it can be closed.
February 04, 2016
The latest study is one of a series that shows that students learn specific lessons better from Web-based instruction than from reading the same content in books or articles.
December 14, 2015
The study, from UVA’s Curry School of Education, will help calculate how long an athlete should sit out before returning to action.
November 10, 2015
Health promotion is not the exclusive purview of UVA’s schools of Nursing and Medicine. A kinesiology lab at the Curry School of Education is looking at exercise as a drug to prevent diabetes.
October 19, 2015
In the continued effort to improve teaching and learning for children in schools, researchers at the Curry School of Education are seeking to identify what elements of a teacher preparation program matter in creating great teachers.
October 06, 2015
The headlines are full of negative stories about youth of color, but Joanna Lee Williams says this can dehumanize ethnic minority youth. A conference this week will highlight youths’ strengths and emphasize the value in cultural connections.