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Fariss Samarrai

July 20, 2017
A public benefit company, inspired by a UVA civil and environmental engineer, is delivering clean water in a very small package to users around the world.
July 13, 2017
Interim Vice President for Research Phil Parrish devoted his UVA career to advancing cross-disciplinary research.
July 12, 2017
A new University institute, dedicated to improving environmental resilience, will connect diverse disciplines on shared goals for bettering the future.
July 06, 2017
The moon will eclipse the sun on Aug. 21. An astronomer with an outreach mission is planning workshops and other activities for the public.
June 28, 2017
After the mass construction and distribution of “bee hotels,” environmental scientists at a UVA field station are learning about the dynamics of bee populations in Virginia.
June 21, 2017
Malaria remains a deadly problem in equatorial regions of the world as the chameleon-like parasite that causes the disease develops resistance to multiple drugs.
June 07, 2017
The UVA Environmental Resilience Institute and the Global Infectious Diseases Institute are the third and fourth pan-University institutes established since 2014 that unite scholars from many disciplines to tackle issues of major societal significance.
June 06, 2017
How do species evolutionarily adapt to changes in their environment over time? UVA biologist Alan Bergland is looking closely at two species of “micro-fauna” for answers.
May 26, 2017
Using a UVA-designed astronomical instrument, astronomers gained new understanding of volcanic activity on Io, a moon of Jupiter.
May 19, 2017
University organizations on Friday awarded University community members with several service awards.