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Fariss Samarrai

June 19, 2008
June 19, 2008 — Seagrasses once flourished in the seaside bays of Virginia's Eastern Shore. They are needed to stabilize bottom sediment and provide habitat for an assortment of creatures: scallops, crabs, shrimp, mollusks, and the fish that feed on these animals.
June 09, 2008
June 9, 2008 — Psychologists at the University of Virginia and the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom) have conducted experimental research that contrasts with the belief that happy children are the best learners.
May 15, 2008
May 15, 2008 — While human-caused global climate change has long been a concern for environmental scientists and is a well-known public policy issue, the problem of excessive reactive nitrogen in the environment is little-known beyond a growing circle of environmental scientists who study how the el
April 24, 2008
(UPDATE: May 18, 2008 — Jessica Norris is scheduled to graduate on May 18, 2008.)
April 15, 2008
April 15, 2008 — The University of Virginia's Department of Physics will host two free public events this week: the National Physics Day Show on Wednesday, April 16; and the Hoxton Physics Lecture on Thursday, April 17.
April 10, 2008
April 10, 2008 — Air pollution from power plants and automobiles is destroying the fragrance of flowers and thereby inhibiting the ability of pollinating insects to follow scent trails to their source, a new University of Virginia study indicates.
March 28, 2008
March 28, 2008 — The Office of Naval Research announced this month that it is awarding a highly competitive Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Program grant of approximately $6.5 million to Hilary Bart-Smith, a University of Virginia associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engi
March 27, 2008
March 27, 2008 — The University of Southern California today announced that James N. Galloway of the University of Virginia, a prescient explorer of nitrogen's wide-ranging effects on local and global ecosystems, is one of two recipients of the 2008 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement.
March 13, 2008
March 13, 2008 — Girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stand a substantially greater risk of developing eating disorders in adolescence than girls without ADHD, a new study has found.