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Elizabeth Thiel Mather

July 07, 2021
Jennifer L. West, the first female dean of UVA Engineering, began her tenure July 1. Here, she shares her vision for the school with UVA Today.
October 02, 2020
Craig H. Benson, the 13th dean of UVA’s School of Engineering, led it to new heights for research, graduate enrollment, undergraduate learning opportunities and alumni engagement.
February 27, 2020
Colleagues, students and friends remember engineering professor Stephanie A. Guerlain, an accomplished scholar of human factors and systems engineering and a gifted teacher and equestrian.
November 07, 2019
Alumnus Greg Olsen credits his materials science and engineering faculty mentor, William A. Jesser, for launching his career and inspiring his $25 million contribution.
June 04, 2019
John Lach, UVA Engineering’s director of cross-cutting initiatives and a pioneer in the field of body sensor networks for health applications, begins his appointment Aug. 15.
April 30, 2019
A team of UVA students earned the national cybersecurity title for the second consecutive year, besting teams from more than 235 colleges and universities.
February 25, 2019
Of public universities with at least 75 engineering graduates, UVA is No. 1 for women earning engineering degrees and No. 6 for computer science degrees awarded to women.
October 24, 2018
The new department unites students, faculty and staff from UVA’s civil, environmental and systems engineering disciplines for an innovative approach to modern challenges.
September 21, 2018
The $3 million award will help UVA Engineering’s Link Lab establish an innovative curriculum focused on real-world challenges for Ph.D. students, plus an 18-month master’s degree in cyber-physical systems.
June 05, 2018
The survey found that 83 percent of students who enroll in UVA’s Engineering School earn their undergraduate degrees in four years. So what’s the secret?