On U2’s tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of its “The Joshua Tree” concept album, one of Dove’s poems, “Wingfoot Lake,” is part of the tour’s pre-concert multimedia production. more >
The researchers have discovered a biological control switch that they may be able to use to produce platelets outside the body and to help premature infants with a common – and serious – health condition. more >
The fellowships support top scholars from around the country committed to becoming the next generation of outstanding teachers, researchers, public servants and business leaders. more >
This law alum’s new organization, Pacific Pro Football, is an alternative to college play. It will be a developmental league, similar to the NFL, but safer. And unlike college, players will be paid. more >
A phenomenon observed in clocks in 1665 also explains how the body times the replacement of disease-preventing cells in our guts – which could help doctors determine when best to give drugs, cancer treatments, probiotics and vaccines. more >
The 2017 University Award for Projects in the Arts will fund papermaking, examining art books, opera singing and interpreting travel experiences, as six undergraduates express their creative sides. more >
Graduates from 10 University schools and the Data Science Institute earned their degrees on Sunday and Dean Robert Pianta of the Curry School of Education spoke. more >